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About This Game

Lost Skies is a cooperative survival adventure for 1–6 players set amongst the clouds, in a vast sky of floating islands. Find and craft ancient technology, build your own skyship, brave ferocious storms, and battle giant threats that await beyond the horizon.

Key Art from Lost Skies showing a dark cavern lit by a magical blue light

Explore an Ancient World of Danger & Beauty

Embark on an adventure through the remnants of ancient civilisations. Uncover the mystery of their downfall and employ their advanced technology to aid your journey. Navigate a shattered world ravaged by storms, revel in lands reclaimed by nature, and face the colossal beings still roaming the skies that brought about humanity’s destruction.

Key Art from Lost Skies showing people with skyships against a backdrop of floating islands

Experience Unparalleled Freedom

Flow effortlessly through the skies’ broken landscapes with a physics-based grappling hook. Climb, glide, and fly as you use your own creativity for both traversal and dynamic combat. Enter a seamless world where you are free to travel to any landmark you can see on the horizon.


Shape Your Skyship

With a vast world to explore, you’ll need to build your own skyship to navigate the open skies. Lost Skies’ unique ship crafting system allows you to intricately shape your ship's hull, and freely place parts where you want, taking care to consider the quality and weight of the materials you use. Not only is your skyship your home in the clouds, it is also your warship to take into battle and survive treacherous weather.

Key Features

  • Adventure across a massive open world of unique, hand-crafted floating islands, with daunting weather walls dividing the sky into regions, each with their own visuals, resources, and wildlife to discover. With beautiful views of the cloudscape and a serene soundtrack, there is always room for some down time to take in the sights or build in peace
  • Play solo or with up to 6 players on player-hosted servers, and experience an ever-expanding world as Bossa Games and the community continuously add more islands to the game
  • Every island is filled with combat, discovery, and puzzling ancient technology for you to decipher, driving your exploration as you obtain loot and unlock paths to delve deeper into the islands where further mysteries await. Contend with both curious and hostile wildlife that has taken over the world in the absence of humans
  • Your grappling hook, glider, climbing ability, and more mobility options give you the freedom to explore the islands as you wish, taking full advantage of the game’s setting among the clouds. Uncover hidden underside caverns, swing to the top of the tallest spire—nowhere is off limits
  • Get inventive with an intricate ship-building system that allows you to shape every facet of your skyship—from the shape of the hull, to where each cannon will go, to furnishing the mess hall. Build up a single ship for yourself or your crew of friends over the course of your adventure, or each build your own ship as part of a fleet. You and your friends have limitless creative options for how you wish to explore the skies
  • An underlying physics engine impacts everything from your skyship’s flight to your character’s traversal. Decide whether you want a lightweight or lumbering design, and feel the forces of gravity as you leap to new places
  • Enjoy a survival experience focused on exploration and crafting. A flexible crafting system considers material weight and properties to impact the stats and physical attributes of crafted items. Balance your ship and equipment with the right materials to maximise their performance
  • Engage in epic naval-style boss fights. Take your skyship into tense battles and exchange cannon fire with the giant ancient beings responsible for the end of humanity. Each one will test the skills and technology you have accumulated so far, and hold the keys to travelling to the farthest corners of the world