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Lost Skies Announcement FAQ’s

Co-op Questions

Q: Can I play solo? Am I missing something if I don’t play with any friends?

Yes, you can. Even if we are crafting an amazing cooperative experience for groups, you can also jump in solo and enjoy everything the game has to offer on your own.

Q: What will multiplayer look like for Lost Skies? Will there be PVP?

We are focusing all of our development efforts on creating an excellent cooperative experience for 1-6 players at launch. We plan to deliver a rich world experience where players will face incredible challenges. As for PVP, we will be following community feedback closely throughout development, and beyond.

Game Questions

Q: Is this game open world?

It is an open world with no loading screens. The total world size is dynamic, and will expand over time as we add more islands to the game.

Q: Can I build/customise my own skyship?

Yes, and it will play a key role in the game. Your ship will be your home in the skies and you will take it on adventures with you. Navigate the open skies, gather materials in your journeys and upgrade your ship before taking it into battle.

Q: Is it controller compatible?

Yes, Lost Skies will feature full controller support.


Q: Are you launching on consoles?

We have only announced a PC Steam version for now.

Q: Will it be available in Early Access?

We have no plans on releasing the game on Early Access. However, our Open Development plans mean that the community will have access to pre-launch Alpha and Beta builds in order to test features and gather feedback. If you would like to be part of it, you can apply to join the Open Development community now!

Business Model

Q: What is your business model? Will you have microtransactions?

We are fully focused on delivering a complete game experience on launch for a fair price. We are working hard on exciting content and tools to allow player expression and content creation. On top of this, we would like to keep supporting the game with new updates after launch, both free and premium.


Q: When are you launching the game?

We will announce a launch date in the future. In the meantime, feel free to join the Open Development in order to get updates on the game.

Q: Are you planning to support the game post-launch?

We are planning to release both free and premium updates after launch. We will release a content roadmap once we are ready to share it with the world.

Open Development

Q: How can I apply to join the Open Development community?

It’s really easy! You can find all the information on how to apply to join our open development community on the official Lost Skies Discord server.

Q: I want to leave suggestions for the game. How?

We'll be sending out periodic community surveys to gather feedback from our players, but you can also leave feedback on the official Lost Skies Discord server.


Q: I want to work on this game! How can I apply for a job?

If you work in the gaming industry, we would love to hear from you! You can apply for jobs at Bossa in the following link: Bossa Jobs