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17 August 2023

Skywatch #10 - Hand Tools

UPDATE: Please note that due to some technical issues with our website, we have replaced any animated gifs with static images within this post for the time being, so don't be concerned if you see any references to gifs only for the images to display as static. We'll try to use video clips in-place of gifs where possible going forward.

Welcome to this weeks Skywatch development diary!

This week, we want to show off some of the hand tools that you'll be using in Lost Skies. Unlike in Worlds Adrift, where you had a single 'multi-tool' that you used to harvest all the resources you needed, in Lost Skies we want each tool to have its own unique identity and visual effects.


First up, let's take a look at the grapple. The grapple is one of the first tools you'll get access to and offers unparalleled freedom whilst exploring islands. Below is a look at how our grapple tool has progressed, from early concepts through to the current grapple model.

The screenshot and video clip below show some of the grapple tool VFX we've been working on and the bottom gif is an example of a successful grapple shot (left) vs. a failed grapple shot (right, not final).


Next up is a look at our sawblade cutting tool. This tools purpose is for cutting down trees, but it can also be used to harvest dead creatures for resources. Below you can see some concepts for the tool - it's worth noting that unlike the grapple tool, which is a Saborian design, some of the other tools we've been working on are Gall designs. Whilst we're not quite ready to share more about our Gall culture just yet, the designs of the tools below may give you some clues about how their culture differed aesthetically from Sabor.  

Below you can see some of the early pre-VFX animations for the tool, and then some of the early blade VFX. Note that these animations/VFX are not final.

Mining Tool

Next up is our mining tool. You'll use this tool to mine rocks and ore nodes whilst exploring islands. Below is some of the concept art for the device.

And in the clips below you can see some early animation work (pre-VFX) of how we envision the tool to look in action.

Gall Creation Disc

Finally this week, here's a look at our Gall Creation Disc. Inspired by the Sheikah slate from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this tool will serve a multitude of purposes in Lost Skies. We don't want to spoil too much about what features the tool will be utilised for at this early stage, but one of the bigger features it will be used for is shipbuilding.

Below you can see some of the early concepts for the tool, as well as an early greybox model of the tool on our female character model.

And below are some mock-ups of the different VFX states, that give an indication of what the Gall Creation Disc may look like whilst performing different functions.

And that's all for this Skywatch! We hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into a few of the different tools you'll be able to get your hands on in Lost Skies. It's early days yet, and some of these tools may change functionally and visually, but this post gives you an idea of what we're aiming towards for.

May your skies be clear until we meet again, travellers!