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18 May 2023

We Are Flying Once More

The biggest, most wonderful adventure we've ever embarked on. That's the feeling we get when we think about and work on our new game, Lost Skies.

Our journey is strangely familiar.  We know our surroundings. We have visited these lands before, and some of you have visited them with us. Made wiser and hardened by experience, we feel at ease and in total control of our sails, bending the will of the wind to our own.

We know where we are going, and we know how to get there. But this is a new journey, and we want to take you on a new adventure with us.

Welcome to Foundation. Welcome to Lost Skies

Lost Skies is a co-op PvE survival game inspired by our earlier title, Worlds Adrift, a sandbox PvP MMO. While they share the same universe, Lost Skies is a very different game, carefully conceived as an expansive experience best shared by friends playing together.

That's not to say you cannot play it alone. Lost Skies will offer a strong experience for solo players or team members striking off to explore on their own. Or that, in hosting your own Lost Skies server, you can't make it a PvP variant (you can just as well). But unlike Worlds Adrift's wild, massively multiplayer world, Lost Skies features a curated universe full of environmental challenges, with a steady progression path gated by titanic enemies and storm walls designed to push you and your crew to the limits of your ingenuity.

Lost Skies is a distillation of gameplay we love, made for you to share with friends. Foundation, its setting, will challenge your band of ingenious survivalists to tame its wilderness and bring order to a shattered world, broken apart by unknown entities you are destined to fight. Together, your crew of adventurers have an infinitude of possibilities - a sky full of mystery, lore and threats, all approached in your own way.

Finding freedom, finding the fun

Philosophically, we believe freedom underpins the best gaming experiences. A good sandbox game sets a strong stage, with clear rules, and lets players devise their own strategies for dealing with it, tracing their own increasingly confident path to success  over escalating challenges.

Few settings are as expansive and dense as the one found at the core of Lost Skies: a horizon of possibilities navigated by flying ships, your travelling homes and warships, each carefully crafted for by you, the players, to match your style of play and the challenges you face.

You begin your journey in Lost Skies much like a typical survival game, with nothing more than the skin on your back, startled by the unfamiliar setting you are awoken to.

But the commonality with the traditional survival genre ends here, as your initial tasks are geared towards building your first skyship. In Lost Skies, you are meant to live among the clouds.

As you and your crew begin to grasp the rules and mechanics of the world of Foundation, your ships grow and evolve with your knowledge and experience, taking shapes suited to the tasks you want them to perform. Flying from island to island, exploring the long lost remnants of a civilization scattered by the wind, you will learn about your past, and find the  path to your future: reaching the titans lurking within the storms high above.

What happens next is your choice. Just make sure you are prepared for it.

Join us in the Lost Skies

We want Lost Skies to balance the four pillars of multiplayer games - survival, exploration, collaboration and mastery - against a background of player freedom. We hope you will find yourself immersed in as much as we are as we make it.

If Lost Skies sounds like the kind of game you see yourself enjoying, make sure you Wishlist it on Steam to keep informed of how it's going.

But we would also love to have you be a part of our journey of creation, and to that end we have an Open Development philosophy where players can share their feedback and ideas with the development team as early as day one of the project, all the way through to launch and beyond as we expand the game post-release.

To learn more about open development and be a part of the conversation as we begin testing Lost Skies, join our Discord at https://www.discord.gg/QWtTAnbvqz.

Hope to see you in the skies soon!

~Henrique Olifiers, Bossa Games CEO