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Open Development FAQ’s

Playtesting for Lost Skies has begun! We're now accepting invitations to join our Open Development Community where you'll be given early access to WIP builds of Lost Skies, and will be asked to share your feedback with us at this critical stage of development. Read on to find out how you can sign-up!

Q: What is the Open Development Community for Lost Skies?

Our Open Development Community is your opportunity to play Lost Skies early in our development journey, and give us your thoughts. We’re looking for keen survival adventurers to come join us and provide valued feedback to help shape the game’s evolution. We want to make the very best game that we can and that’s why we’d love to hear from you right from the start.

Q: So this is just a closed alpha or closed beta testing thing?

No, not really. Lost Skies is at an earlier stage than that in development. And since we’re very keen on creating the best possible experience, we’re bringing players like you in to this much earlier. Your feedback is important and we value the opportunity to hear from you as early as possible!

Q: Am I eligible to join Open Development for Lost Skies?

Anyone who’s 18+ years of age can sign up for our Open Development Community. Just to be clear however, we will have to focus on inviting players in a scaling way, step by step. We also need to stay focused on specific test parameters, like the survival adventure aspect. This is to ensure that development and the testing is kept as fluid as possible. Keep an eye on the official Lost Skies Discord server to know when invitations have started flying.

Q: So how can I join the Lost Skies Open Development Community?

You can sign up to register your interest for the Open Development Community by navigating here - https://bossastudios.activehosted.com/f/25. You'll also need to fill out the accompanying Google Form. Please note that we’ll be asking you for some personal information when you register. This isn’t for marketing purposes, it’s just something required for the NDA to be legally binding. Rest assured we’ll never use your data from this for any commercial reasons, it’s just standard procedure and it helps us understand the community as it develops. Also, once invited, note that we will ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement, an NDA, that will last for a certain time. This may sound like a contradiction of ‘Open’, but rest assured it’s not going to last forever.

Q: Can you guarantee that I’ll be invited?

We’re all super excited to get you in to play and share your feedback! However, we will have to be focused on inviting players in a scaling way, step by step. This is to ensure that development and the playtesting is kept as fluid as possible, especially at this early stage. 

Q: Can I talk about what I’ve played in public? Can I show it?

We know you’d be super excited to talk about the game, discussing games with friends is great. But, once invited, please respect the non-disclosure agreement you sign and keep all discussions and feedback to the dedicated channels. The NDA covers text, screenshots, video and streaming. At a later time, keep your eyes open for more information from us regarding when you’ll be able to share your content with friends and the world, we’re very excited to see your creations!

Q: How can I provide my feedback?

When you receive an invitation to join the Open Development Community, you will be given access to a number of private channels on the official Lost Skies Discord server, which is where you'll be asked to share your feedback/suggestions, report any bugs and discuss the game builds that you will be given access to. We know it’s great to play and discuss games, and you’re sure to be interested in sharing your thoughts as widely as possible, but we have to ask you to please respect and follow the non-disclosure agreement that we’ll be asking you to sign. Hence, please make sure you keep all discussions and feedback to the dedicated channels!

Q: How often will playtests take place?

Periodically. Our schedule for playtesting will evolve as development of Lost Skies progresses, which means we can’t share a detailed roadmap of exactly when playtests will take place. Once invited, you’ll find the information on playtests in the dedicated channels.

Q: When are you launching the game?

We will announce a launch date in the future. In the meantime, we're working on delivering lots of cool content to both our Open Development Community members, as well as the wider Lost Skies community in the form of our regular Skywatch development updates, regular posts and sneak peaks across all of our social channels and much more, so stay tuned!

Q: What platforms will I be able to playtest on?

Lost Skies Open Development playtesting will only be available on PC via Steam.